Fuyu persimmonsAt Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, we’re about to get in an exotic but healthy fruit: the Fuyu persimmon! If you haven’t heard of Fuyus, you’re not alone. But we think that once you’ve tried one, you’ll want more!

Fuyu persimmons look just like orange tomatoes, and they have an unusual taste that is both sweet and a bit spicy. They are high in Vitamins A and C and no-fat. Although high in sugar, their taste is strong enough that a little can go a long way.

Fuyu persimmons can be eaten raw. But they are also popular in baked goods and jams, where their spicy/sweet tang really wakes up recipes.

A few eating and serving tips:

·      Wash a fresh Fuyu first, then eat it either peeled or unpeeled. Just bite into it like an apple!

·      For a simple snack, cut a Fuyu into slices and sprinkle with a little lime juice, chili power, and salt.

·      Spread sliced Fuyu with peanut butter and serve with cheese slices.

·      For a unique smoothie, mix together Fuyu persimmons, lime juice, milk, and ice.

·      Top your cold or hot cereal with chopped Fuyu.

·      Toss a salad and add cubed persimmons, apple, and grapes.

Now that it’s holiday baking season, consider using Fuyu persimmons for something a bit different. Two recipes we found that seemed simple and really caught our eye:

An almond and persimmon cream cheese tart, which makes an interesting alternative to pumpkin or pecan pie this Thanksgiving;

A low-sugar whole wheat and oatmeal spice cake featuring Fuyu persimmons and that can be made almost sugar-free.

If you want to shake up your palate and have some healthy holiday eating, stop by the market this week and try out our Fuyu persimmons!

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