ThanksgivingIt’s the holidays – a time of year that can bring people together. It’s also a time that can make some people feel more isolated. For many individuals with mental illness or substance abuse problems, there isn’t a place at the Thanksgiving table. Bridges have been burned or awkwardness leads to avoidance within their families.

Is there an extra place at your holiday table? Do you have a loved one you seldom see because of behavioral health problems? Or is there someone in your church or neighborhood who might fit well in that extra chair? There’s enough turkey for everyone, if you just set that extra place.

We all have something to bring to that table – it may be a soft smile, or it may be an interesting story to share, a booming baritone for singing holiday songs, or the best sweet potato casserole in town. Take a moment to look beyond preconceptions, past wrongs, or simple fatigue. Reach out to someone who doesn’t need to spend another holiday alone. Make this holiday truly a time of giving thanks – for all those whose lives have touched or been touched by you.

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