Glass greenhouse

Perry Wellness Center is growing in more ways than one. As its attendance increases, so do other growing things. A huge proliferation of green and flowering plants has led to new construction on the campus.

“New” might not be the best word to describe the new greenhouse rising in the middle of the PWC campus. Its construction materials primarily consist of older, donated windows, which create a unique vintage look for the structure. The greenhouse was designed by artist and staff member Jeff Williams. Jeff wished to combine form and function into a building that could not only fill a practical need on campus, but also provide a charming, light-filled area in which to stroll.

Our principal greenhouse is filled with baskets and plants for this season,” Jeff explains. “We needed additional space.”

Thanks to generous donations of windowpanes from businesses and individuals throughout the local area, the new greenhouse is scheduled for completion shortly. The framework and glass walls will be topped with fiberglass panels. Located on the north end of the campus, the new greenhouse will provide a green and sunny locale for growing plants and browsing customers.

The greenhouse will be introduced to the public at a spring opening. Enjoying some winter sunlight while working on the new structure are Barry Smith, Gerald Shaw, Izel Neves, Brandon Thomas, and Brandon Davis.

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