Treadmills 2014The cold weather has us unfazed at Perry Wellness Center, where peers continue to work on their WHAM (Whole Health Action Management) plans, including their exercise goals.

While some outdoor activities are curtailed during inclement weather, we have filled the educational center and pavilion with everything from free weights to exercise machines. When it’s too cold for team volleyball, basketball, or walking trails, many other exercise avenues remain.

The WHAM program helps motivate folks to exercise year round. As we’ve described before, WHAM is a science-based health plan, created by peers, that teaches participants how to set and achieve whole health goals. Through weekly action planning and support groups, peers learn to create new healthy behavior. The WHAM program also provides basic health screenings for prevention and encourages peers to engage in shared decision making with health professionals.

WHAM was established using research from chronic disease self-management programs such as HARP (Health and Recovery Peer) Program and science-based health and resiliency principles such as the Relaxation Response.

In the photo, Kaylon Holt and Camry Clayton work out on the newly relocated stepmaster machines, as they seek to better their personal goals for time and distance.

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