Daisy BellFor several months, peer Daisy Bell has been active in a creative corner of the Perry Wellness Center classroom. She has led other peers to discover the enjoyment of crocheting, knitting, and other creative activities, while creating gifts she presented to family and friends.

Now as part of the Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) program and its emphasis on exploring peers’ personal needs, Miss Daisy has been asked to offer one-on-one or small classes for peers who would like to use their creativity to create personal gifts for others.

Realizing the difficulty in demonstrating sewing stitches or how to crochet rows, Miss Daisy has talked with staff members about how to best organize the class. Staff member Phyllis Bleckley has offered her assistance in brainstorming the direction of the upcoming class. They also discuss the WHAM program’s whole health and resiliency factors. Lines between student and teacher often blur, as staff and peers learn and work together.

“Right now, Mrs. Bell is being creative as she discusses ways to manage stress,” Phyllis notes. “This is a great program, and we can now explore the many talents of our peer family.”

In the photo above, Daisy Bell takes time to share her crocheting talents and discuss wellness management with Phyllis Bleckley.

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