new greenhouse 1As the spring season finally becomes official, the available greenhouse spaces at Perry Wellness Center are filling up with a colorful variety of hanging baskets and green plants. In anticipation of this reality, plans began several months ago for the construction of a new greenhouse. It is now nearing completion.

Stuart Perry, PWC founder, talked with project director Jeff Williams about the creation of a new greenhouse that would have room for both plant propagation and display. Based on their discussions, Jeff soon completed plans for the greenhouse. The design incorporates a vintage flavor and elements of European design, and promises to create some architectural drama on our campus.

“Realizing that mental illness and substance abuse have life-changing effects on people throughout the world, I researched a European design for this greenhouse,” Jeff recently explained. He incorporated such unusual features as lightning rods on the pinnacle of the building. “There are 48 spires on the top of this building – I only hope they never attract lightning!” Jeff said.

Jeff also noted that a key concept was the use of natural light from all angles. He thought that vintage glass windows would provide both the needed function and a unique design element. As we’ve previously described, the need for used glass became an opportunity for community outreach, and the results were wonderful. Requests for gently used glass windows led to donations from a variety of individuals and businesses in the area. Like constructing a jigsaw puzzle, Jeff then determined the proper placement of each of the windows of varying sizes.

Peer involvement has been used at each step of the project. Because some of the construction elements have been complicated and even potentially dangerous, he has been careful to use the most agile, responsible, and careful helpers for the construction.

As construction nears completion, peers and staff are excited to see the finished product and look forward to stocking the new greenhouse with hanging baskets, garden plants, small trees, and other spring plantings. More importantly, we look forward to our customers’ first look.

“I know that visitors on our campus will welcome the new house,” Jeff concluded. We think he is absolutely right!

In the photo above, Jeff Williams and Barry Smith mount spindles that will feature flags or hanging baskets atop the newest greenhouse creation.

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