Sauna Is Relaxing Wellness Feature


Cedar saunaOne of the features of our wellness program that is a bit unusual but much appreciated is our own cedar steam sauna. For the ultimate in mental and physical after a vigorous workout, peers step into the sauna room, where the warm steam loosens their tired muscles and also relaxes minds filled with another day of learning.

“This sauna is a great place to slow down and relax after a strenuous set of weight lifting or treadmill traffic,” Stuart Perry notes. “I enjoy our sauna when I can find time for a workout and visit to the room.”

The heat produced in a sauna increases the body’s blood flow, providing a relaxing effect on tired muscles. Regular sauna use has also been found to improve endurance during exercise.

At PWC, peers are advised to bring casual, cool workout clothing for their daily exercise routine and for time in the sauna room. Before a visit, each peer versed on safe operation of the sauna and the proper routine for producing relaxing steam in the little corner room.

In the photo above, Laura Leigh Bell presents the cedar sauna to peers entering a workout program at Perry Wellness Center.

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