Willie Pryor and StuartAlthough he’s the founder and executive director of our busy, growing center, Stuart Perry always takes time for the “little” moments. While many individuals in similar roles find their most comfortable spot to be behind a desk in the corner office, Stuart looks for opportunities each day to get out outside and to talk with peers. With the beautiful spring weather here, Stuart found the perfect moment for both recently.

Overseeing some work in the gardens, Stuart pulled weeds and chatted with peers and staff as they worked. Then spotting peer Willie Pryor, he walked down the hill for some one-on-one discussion. After a few minutes, a wide smile crossed Willie’s face.

“Mr. Willie and I have enjoyed much time together,” Stuart explained. “I only had to take a break to speak to him. We both parted with a smile.”

As a peer himself who went through his own journey of recovery, Stuart knows the value of taking moments to recharge and the importance of supporting other peers, side by side and face to face.

Weeding sunlit gardens and bringing smiles to others’ faces are apparently two critical duties on the job description of this “boss.” They would be nice additions to anyone’s!

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