Nancy CollinsAt Perry Wellness Center, we focus on physical health issues just as much as mental health ones. One of the health risks still facing millions of Americans is HIV, the virus that can lead to AIDS and a potentially fatally compromised immune system.

So we recently invited a local healthcare expert on the HIV/AIDS problem to provide education to our peers, along with routine HIV testing. Nancy Collins, LPN, the Early Intervention/Education Facilitator for HIV/AIDS at Middle Flint Behavioral HealthCare, spoke to our group and shared a fact-filled CD on HIV/AIDS facts and misinformation.

The CD featured well-known celebrity designer David Bromstad, in addition to doctors and other HIV professionals. Each professional stressed the need for understanding and aggressively pursuing information on the disease. For individuals who are affected by HIV, it was recommended that they participate in support groups where they can share their personal dilemmas and learn daily management of the disease.

“The terror and fear of HIV/AIDS is real,” Ms. Collins said to the group. “With current medication and cooperative understanding of the disease, life can be better. Please call me if I can help or if you have any questions.”

Our thanks to Nancy Collins for sharing her expertise with our peers!

In the photo, Nancy Collins, LPN, leads an HIV/AIDS discussion in the Perry Wellness Center classroom.

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