Grover Thornton wateringRecently we mentioned Grover Thornton’s role in keeping the plants watered on the campus of Perry Wellness Center. Given the large numbers of greenhouses, arbors, and park spaces, this task can be quite intensive, especially as early summer temperatures rise.

At least the plant inventory is somewhat reduced, due to brisk market sales. Says Stuart Perry, “I have been pleased with our sales at Happy Patch Market. We can still offer most any hanging basket, bedding plant or shrub. Trees are new for us, and we have sold and delivered several different varieties.”

Grover, who has been with Perry Wellness Center for over three years now, is aware of what is needed to manage the center’s greenery throughout the long summer to come. “We have many hoses, and I am learning the full reach of each hose,” he explained. “It takes five faucet hookups to reach all of these plants. I do my best not to miss any plant container.”

In the photo, Grover Thornton waters the first of six plant locations at Happy Patch Market.

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