David WellsAlthough we grow a large amount of our market produce on site, we also rely on a variety of local providers to help us maintain a diverse and full inventory. One example is nearby Draneville resident David Wells. Along with his son Gray, David frequently delivers homegrown tomatoes, cantaloupes and watermelons to our market.

The Wells family has been associated with local farming for decades. Although David is a full-time educator and coach at Marion County High School, he uses vegetable production time for “teachable moments” with his children and to make extra money during the summer to help provide for his family.

David Wells and PWC founder Stuart Perry have known each other since their high school days, when they were both active in school athletics. “I like to be associated with Stuart and his operation,” David explains. “We enjoy talking about our football days.” With a smile, he notes, “Stuart was a champion runner in his earlier years. Those legs show that he has been athletic for years.”

Athleticism runs in the Wells family. Son Gray, a high school senior, plays #1 tennis singles and helped lead Marion County to win the 2013/2014 state championship. He also finds enough study time to be ranked in the top 3 academically in his class. During the summer months, he enjoys working at his father’s side.

David, who is also the father of Brick, 14, a 9th grader at Marion County High, equally enjoys one of the benefits of his summer work: “Family is important to me. The weather is hot, but Gray and I enjoy harvesting and delivery of our produce. It is a good time together.”

Our thanks to the Wells family and other local growers for all their assistance!

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