Chris Wheller shellerAt Happy Patch Market these days, our #1 request is for shelled peas. As customers lead busy lives, they like to have the simplicity of already shelled peas. Bags of shelled peas are often purchased for current use, but also for freezing or even canning.

Over 95% of our peas are machine shelled. Peers assist in the process, aligning peas in stainless or barrel shellers when production demand exceeds the capabilities of small shellers. When bins are filled, peas are placed on a grading table. There, any remaining shells or debris are removed. The peas are then ready for bagging in bushels (8#), half-bushels (4#), quarts and pints. (Customers are reminded to wash the peas and give them a final visual check before cooking.)

By the way, we have shelled peas now available in 8-lb. bags, with a starting price of $22. Butterbeans and green or speckled beans are available for $30 per 8-lb. bag.

In the photo above, Chris Wheller manages the newest, high-output barrel sheller at Happy Patch Market.

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