Campus improvementsAfter our recent visits by the Sam’s Shortline Railroad, we have used this opportunity to obtain feedback on making our campus look its best. Founder Stuart Perry met with officials of the scenic railroad after the train had departed from its second stop.

“They were pleased with our reception,” Stuart noted, “And they offered constructive suggestions to make subsequent visits more enjoyable for visitors and our family of peers and staff.”

Although some painting and cleaning were done prior to the visit, we are now busy with additional painting of highly visible areas on campus, as well as pressure washing, weeding, and plant trimming. We hope that our continued improvements will make the Perry Wellness Center campus and market an even better place for peers, staff, and the general public to enjoy.

In the photo above, Michael Harper, left, and Otis Lewis apply a new coat of enamel to the entrance railing at the Perry Wellness Center classroom building.

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