Fall volleyballPerry Wellness Center founder Stuart Perry enjoys all aspects of the wellness and recovery program offered to individuals with mental health or substance abuse problems. But he has not earned the nickname “Coach Stuart” for nothing. Sports and exercise are a favorite pastime of this former high school and college athlete, and he enjoys nothing more than coaching and monitoring others as they pursue physical fitness.

“I feel strongly about physical wellness and fitness as a component of our total program,” Stuart notes. Whether standing in his coaching tower or providing personal demonstrations on correct game procedures, Stuart uses positive comments and his personal example to provide the best learning experience for peers.

As cooler weather arrives, volleyball teams are more active than ever on campus, but other popular activities include basketball, tennis, weight lifting, and walking. Wherever a sports group is assembled, Stuart is nearby. And is someone is not working out, he or she can expect some strong encouragement from Coach Stuart.

“It is vital that I monitor every peer as I walk this campus to be sure that all who are able to walk and stand are moving some portion of their body,” Stuart explains. “Even our peers who are confined in wheelchairs or who use walkers have a wellness and exercise program.”

In the above photo, volleyball enthusiast Paul Dickson sets the net and readies the asphalt parking area for the next volleyball challenge.

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