Crepe myrtleKeeping the large campus of Perry Wellness Center attractive and safe is a full-time job, and community input is a vital part of the process. Recently these facts were illustrated when a customer at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market expressed a potential safety concern to us. He had noted several overgrown crepe myrtle trees near the eastern market entrance. They could possibly interfere with sightlines for motorists or pedestrians.

The trees were actually growing on the property line of the adjacent property, so permission was sought and granted to cut overhanging limbs. Two peers, Kenneth Christmas and Grover Thornton, immediately accepted the task of removing problem limbs on two of the mature trees.

Our thanks for all the customer support at Happy Patch Market. Whether interacting with peers, supporting our work through the purchase of fresh produce, or being alert to everyone’s safety, our wonderful customers always come through. As do our dedicated peers – thanks Grover (left in photo) and Kenneth!

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