Sarah Cobb donationsAs part of its community outreach, Perry Wellness Center continues to donate used printer and computer cartridges to Sarah Cobb Elementary School. Proceeds from the donated cartridges are used to benefit various educational needs at the local school, including paper, pencils, pens, construction paper, and glue sticks. Staff note that Sara Cobb once led the school district in the amount of such items pulled from storage.

“We really appreciated these used cartridges,” says Barbara Watford, Sarah Cobb principal. “It is important that we provide everything we can for a better educational experience for our students.”

Principal Watford gives credit where it is due. “We try to tell our students that there is a donation from Perry Wellness Center and about their work to help others,” she explains.

In the above photo, Principal Barbara Watford accepts the latest Perry Wellness Center donation from Jantwan Twiggs, left, and Kaylon Holt.

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