Citizen Donations Help Fund Non-Profit Services

Adventist community services 2015Each month, Adventist Community Services (ACS) of Southwest Georgia continues its monthly delivery of food gifts to Perry Wellness Center. As we’ve described before, the non-profit organization makes regular food donations to low-income individuals and service organizations in 13 Georgia counties.

We’re happy to hear that ACS was recently awarded an additional $5,000 in grant monies for its program. The funds were awarded through the Flint Energies Foundation and will be used to help defray costs for needed office equipment.

Those of you who live in the Flint Energies service area may already be familiar with the foundation’s simple method for raising money for charities and service organizations. For over a decade, the electric cooperative has utilized “Operation Roundup ®” for foundational fund-raising. Participating members allow Flint Energies to round up their bills to the nearest dollar, and the difference between the actual amount owed and the rounded-up billing is applied to the foundation. Almost $200,000 is contributed annually to the foundation through Operation Roundup ®. These funds are used for volunteer and non-profit activities in the 17 counties served by the cooperative. It’s comforting to know that nearly 65% of Flint Energies members have chosen to participate in the Operation Roundup ® project!

We’re delighted that Flint Energies Foundation supports the efforts of Adventist Community Services of Southwest Georgia. In addition to its food donations, ACS services it communities with services ranging from disaster response to tutoring programs.

Perry Wellness Center founder Stuart Perry notes, “We do appreciate Adventist Community Services and their inclusion of Perry Wellness Center in their program. It is a highlight to see the filled blue food bags on our campus. Our peers appreciate their food selection and donations to our campus every month.”

In the photo above, ACS co-executive directors Hew and Carolyn Lipscomb, at left, are assisted by peers Tamika Brown, Sonya Mullins, Cedric Seay, and Vicki Lamica, as they unload foods from the delivery truck at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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