PWC classesFor peers attending Perry Wellness Center, education is a critical part of the recovery process. Not only do peers learn life skills and better management of their behavioral health problems; they also have more traditional education classes.

Coping with mental health and/or substance abuse problems created disruptions in the formal education of many who now attend Perry Wellness Center. Skill and knowledge gaps may make it more difficult for individuals to find employment or live productively.

Because of this problem, Perry Wellness Center has devoted a great deal of attention to peer education in areas such as reading and math improvement. Several new classes have been organized on campus in order to assist peers in these areas.

“We have different levels of individual needs in our center,” notes Elizabeth Moss, staff counselor. “Before we began the smaller classes, many of our peers were seeking passage of the GED. We hope our smaller classes will better prepare those who want to pursue better things in their lives.”

To assist in the learning process, staff made contact with several local schools to see if used workbooks might be available to use in classes. Sharon Marcus, Staley Middle School principal, and Chad Chaflin, assistant principal, immediately offered to search for workbooks in age-appropriate levels. Recently, PWC staff member Mulkey McMichael and peers Malcolm Johnson and Tommy Greene were invited to the school to pick up a selection of workbooks.

In the photo above, from left, Malcolm Johnson, Principal Marcus, Tommy Greene, Assistant Principal Chaflin, and students Christian Green, Cedric Clark, and Jaren Foster ready workbooks for delivery to Perry Wellness Center.

A huge thanks to the administration of Staley Middle School for their commitment to community education!

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