Greenhouse 2015 2Talk to Stuart Perry about his obvious love of plants, and he’ll talk about his desire to “grow beauty.” He also loves to talk with friends and strangers alike. The success of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market may be due to the unique way it satisfies his enjoyment of both. The market quickly became a place where he could share his love of flowers and other plants with others, as well as enjoy conversation with market patrons.

He traces these instincts to his parents, as he recalls his mother’s fascination with growing things and his father’s enjoyment of meeting local friends and travelers who stopped at his corner service station in Buena Vista.

“It is true that I come by my love for life and plants from my mom and dad, “ Stuart notes. “I appreciate the supporters of our mental health program through customers’ support at our market.” Customers may stop by and talk about anything from the weather to the mental health problems of a loved one. Whatever the subject, Stuart is eager to listen and respond.

As he surveys the recovery center campus, he adds, “We now have ample space to provide a diverse sampling of healthy plants, baskets, shrubs and produce at Happy Patch Market.” This additional space is largely due to recent addition of a new greenhouse to the campus. With its insulated roof, corporate colors, and soon to be installed single-plant watering system, it is a state-of-the-art garden structure.

Looking ahead, Stuart anticipates the need for additional customer parking and also hopes to add an additional street entrance to the greenhouse and market area.

“The market days have been great,” Stuart concludes. “I want to provide happiness and a smile to everyone who visits our campus.”

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