Stir fry 2015As you know by now, proper nutrition is one of the cornerstones of total wellness at Perry Wellness Center. To help promote healthy eating, we make sure that our daily meals are as nutritious, tasty, and balanced as possible.

At breakfast, the most typical menu calls for scrambled eggs for protein, along with grits and occasional toast points and jelly. Little additional salt is used, as peers have learned about the health pitfalls of over-salting as part of their Whole Health action Management (WHAM) plans.

A hot breakfast is great, but lunch is the main event! At lunchtime, stir fried vegetables continue to be a popular menu item. Says PWC founder Stuart Perry, “I like to eat but have changed my diet to be healthier. The stir fry is a favorite. Our peers and staff also seem to enjoy the combination of vegetables.”

As fresh summer vegetables become more plentiful, we encourage you to break out the wok or skillet and try a stir fry dish for yourself. Fresh veggies, a little oil (non-trans fat), and your favorite seasonings make for a simple and flavorful summer meal. Serve with a sliced tomato, and you’re good to go!

In the photo above, Kenneth Christmas, a peer with years of food preparation experience, selects fresh vegetables from the market for today’s stir fry combination.

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