Judge PeaglerPeople from all walks of life visit our campus each week, from students to homemakers to retirees. Sometimes we even get a sitting judge! Earlier this week, Judge George Peagler stopped by Rudy’s Happy Patch Market to select from fresh, locally grown vegetables.

Perry Wellness Center founder Stuart Perry visited with Judge Peagler and learned that a front page story in the recent Citizen Georgian had drawn him to the market. The article about Oglethorpe’s Ellen Chase made him aware that we carry Chase Farm corn, a big favorite of Judge Peagler.

“I can now visit your kind peers at Happy Patch Market and save time and miles to travel to Oglethorpe,” Judge Peagler noted. “I like to come and see progress and many faces that I recognize.”

Judge Peagler has practiced law for 25 years and has served for 15 years as a Superior Court judge in six counties of the Southwestern Circuit. A busy man doing important work, he still enjoys the simple pleasure of chatting with area residents and shopping for fresh produce.

As he left the market, Judge Peagler offered his thanks for peers’ hospitality and promised, “I will return soon.”

In the photo above, Judge George Peagler, left, is greeted at the market by Wanda Liles, Shalisa Dodson, and Malcolm Johnson.

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