Garden monitoringThese days you hear us talk a lot about quality control and monitoring. That is because we believe it is important not only to “do good,” but to do it well. One learning area on campus that gets close attention is the peer gardening of raised vegetable beds.

A total of 15 peers selected raised garden bed bins for raising of fresh produce. The plots are located on the north side of the Perry Wellness Center campus. They have learned about proper planting, watering, fertilization, and general plot maintenance. Now a project monitor follows their efforts and provides feedback on their progress.

Staff member and designated project monitor Brittany McCumber explained, “We all learned about seeds and planting. With the warmer weather and demands on our plants, we must review amounts relative to fertilization and watering.” Peers learn proper and changing maintenance relative to both seasonal changes and plant maturity.

When the plants mature, peers’ harvests are purchased for Rudy’s Happy Patch Market inventory. Brittany provides feedback on the condition of the produce at this time. Recently she reviewed the status of some campus-grown zucchini squash, including its size and disease-free condition. “I bought a squash about this size for the weekend,” Brittany noted. “I sliced it and baked it on my grill. It was tasty and healthy.”

By the way, we also welcome customer reviews and feedback!

In the photo above, Brittany McCumber and Chloe McCullough team-teach peers in vegetable plot maintenance.

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