Stuart BillsAn important part of a recovery program is teaching the life skills that peers need to be successful in the “real” world. All aspects of daily living skills are explored, from proper grooming to using the internet.

Wanda Liles recently determined a need to explore cash and currency values, as well as a solution. As we’ve previously reported, Wanda has spent a great deal of time at the center teaching basic reading and math skills to interested peers.

Recently, Wanda began her first one-on-one class on understanding money. Her volunteer student was peer Laurie Slaton. After reviewing the importance of handling money safely and avoiding the temptation of too much spending, the lesson turned to a fun way to look at money values.

To graphically teach money principles, Wanda used a unique teaching tool: “Stuart Money.” The handmade dollar bills, featuring the face of our fearless leader, bring a smile but also help illustrate the lesson plan.

“We all know that Stuart Perry is worth more than only $1,” notes Wanda Liles with a smile. But she finds that the simple bill helps explain money calculation and how it can be saved to become $5, $10, or more.

In the photo above, Wanda Liles instructs Laurie Slaton in money management principles, using valuable “Stuart Money.”

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