Peer Building Muscles with Campus Chores


Tommy w. crowder peasEven at a wellness program, peer Tommy Green stands out for his commitment to physical activity and overall good health. For some time he has been a part of the structured weight-lifting and other exercise routines at Perry Wellness Center, with a focus upon weight loss and body building. In the process, he has lost over 20 pounds.

But Tommy still has physical fitness goals. “One day, I would like to have abs,” he says with a smile. “I think I have one forming, and I am eager to see more!”

One way Tommy has learned to increase his physical activity is by tackling each job assignment as a workout exercise. Whenever PWC founder Stuart Perry needs someone to work on a project requiring muscle strength, he knows he can call on Tommy, who is eager to help out.

The campus’ current devotion to pea and bean shelling has presented one such opportunity. As customer demand rises for locally grown fresh peas and beans, the rotary pea shellers run up to six hours a day. Normally, four wagons are used to deliver a steady supply of bushel bags to the sheller. But Tommy bypasses the wagons, preferring to carry the peas and butter bean bags under his own weight.

Known as “macho” by many staff and peers, Tommy Green is earning his nickname these summer months and improving his health in the process.

In the photo above, Tommy Green’s muscles get a workout as he transports four bushel bags of crowder peas for morning shelling.

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