Feeding fishCaring for others is a centerpiece of the Perry Wellness Center recovery program. But attention to others’ needs extends past the 74 peers who attend the program.

For example, there is Gracie, Stuart and Pam Perry’s canine child and the mascot for Perry Wellness Center. Each day, Gracie follows her exercise routine, receiving a walk throughout the campus. On hotter days, her hydration and activity level are closely monitored.

Of course, there is an abundance of plant life for which to care, from hanging baskets at the market to vegetable beds and campus greenery.

Nothing is too small for attention, including the colorful, darting koi fish that thrive in their pond amid the fountains, pools, and landscaped park. The donated fish require regular feeding and clean water in which to flourish.

Each Perry Wellness Center peer accepts one or more assigned tasks that contribute to healthy flora and fauna, from watering plants to feeding fish. For example, Kaylon Holt, above, our resident pop top collector, also extends his attention to other shiny things: “I am working to keep these fish happy and well fed,” he explains, as he extends his hand to sprinkle food in the aptly named Helping Hand pond.

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