The Morales FamilyWhen customers stop by Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, they often like to explore more of our campus. With its parks, pond, arbors, and fountains, it can be an enticing retreat on a hot summer days.

Last week a father and young son enjoyed a quiet moment when Delmar Morales accompanied son Dylan down the hill to enjoy the sparkling fountains and the koi fish pond. Jeff Williams’ hillside creations are a popular feature on the campus.

“We enjoyed our visit to the market,” Mr. Morales said, “But Dylan wanted to come and hear the flowing water and see the goldfish.”

As a wellness and recovery center, we are happy when visitors can find their own moments of tranquility here. In spite of hectic days with 77 peers and 28 staff members learning, working, exercising, or having fellowship, we find that the flowing water, blooming flowers, and darting fish instill a sense of peace each day.

In the photo, Delmar and Dylan Morales enjoy one of Perry Wellness Center’s three fountains.

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