Jumpking jacksAt Perry Wellness Center, we are really enjoying these fall days. Among other benefits, the temperate weather makes exercise less of a chore and more of an enjoyable group challenge.

One group of weight-conscious peers is participating in a “Get Fab Abs with ‘Q’ group. Named after class leader Marquevius Sapp, aka “Q,” the group of eight peers meets in the Perry Wellness Center when weather permits. Class members work on exercises to invigorate their heart rates, lower blood pressure, lose weight, and – as the class name would imply – discover their ab muscles!

“Fab Abs” is a popular class and a group activity that can be just as teambuilding as organized sports, as it promotes both some friendly competition and the camaraderie of people on a common mission. The unselfconscious class member are more than willing to demonstrate their rad jumping jack skills, as demonstrated on a recent day or sunny skies and a high temperature of 74 degrees, as seen in the photo above.

We encourage you to get out and enjoy the fall weather this weekend – and exercise!

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