Armageddon GearIn nearby Marion County, residents were pleased to greet the arrival of its newest industry, Armageddon Gear. It recently relocated to 29 Airport Road on Georgia Highway 30. When construction neared completion on the new structure, Perry Wellness Center employee Mulkey McMichael made contact with Armageddon Gear founder and owner Tom Fuller, regarding landscaping around the new facility. Last week, the venture was approved.

Three peers – Travis Milner, Kelvin Mullins, and Jeffrey Bryant, traveled to Buena Vista shortly thereafter and completed the layout and planting of more than 65 shrubs and trees. It was hard work, but also an excellent learning experience, according to the project supervisor.

“We like to provide new experiences for our peers,” Mulkey explained. “When I made contact with Tom, I was trying to provide a way for our peers to learn a new job skill. These three worked well together and learned the process of correct landscape planting and upkeep.”

During their busy day, the group also enjoyed a tasty lunch at Aunt Mary’s Restaurant in uptown Buena Vista. “These guys like the fresh hamburger meal and large serving portions at Aunt Mary’s,” Mulkey noted. Upon their return to Americus, the three peers actively discussed both the goodness of their meal and their enjoyment in learning a new skill.

Tom Fuller also voiced his satisfaction in the completed job. If you would like more information on this hometown manufacturer, check out its website here. The company was established by a group of current and former Special Ops soldiers and competition shooters who wanted to offer rugged, American made gun accessories and field gear. Its corporate statement reflects its mission and its pride: “Armageddon Gear – Pray You’ll Never Need Gear This Good!”

We hope for the same pride and sense of accomplishment in our peers, and work experiences such as these can make a difference in their lives.

In the photo above, Travis Milner, Kelvin Mullins, and Jeffrey Bryant pose around the Armageddon World Headquarters sign.

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