Makeup LessonWe aren’t vain – we just like to look our best! Isn’t that true of most women? At Perry Wellness Center, it’s no different. Although no structured cosmetology classes are taught on campus, informal primping has become more structured lately, as peers gather to help each other with hair styling and makeup at the start of each day.

“Some of us do not have time for total makeup preparation and hair combing before the early morning pickup by our van,” Michelle Manness explained. “I have friends at Perry Wellness Center who will use my makeup or their own to help me meet friends and visitors each day.”

Having a freshly made up face and attractively styled hair gives many ladies the extra confidence they need to socialize throughout the day. Perry Wellness Center founder Stuart Perry is a strong believer in “total body presentation.” As part of our wellness program’s belief in “healthy body, healthier mind,” we practice the Whole Health Action Management (W.H.A.M.) program, which promotes ways to manage mental illness through healthier and more confident living. Other programs offered at Perry Wellness Center, such as our “Biggest Loser” weight loss program and weight-lifting classes are examples of this total body approach to recovery.

“We create programs and make changes each week as we discover the changing needs of our peers,” Stuart notes. “We want the best for them.” And yes, sometimes the right lipstick can make a difference!

In the above photo, Michelle Manness takes time to help Nicole Jackson apply makeup before she presents herself to other peers and staff for the day.

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