Winter basketball2Just a few days ago, we were wondering if colder temperatures would ever come. At last night’s Cheer Up the Blues open house, the weather was decidedly more fall-like than wintry. Despite the weather forecast for cooler weather, peers and staff members have been playing basketball in their shirtsleeves and engaging in other individual and team sports.

What a difference a day makes! When we headed out today, we realized that the weather forecast had finally come true. We welcome the more seasonal weather, and we will just bundle up to pursue athletic challenges on campus.

As our family grows at Perry Wellness Center, so does our need to expand sports and exercise activities. Folks need a chance to not only get healthier, but to let off steam, stay alert throughout the day, and bond with others.

Players and staff are in earnest discussions regarding the purchase of a new backstop, goal, and net for parking lot basketball, regardless of the weather. Says Noah Cochran, counselor and athletic team leader, “Many basketballs have passed through this goal and net. I guess it is time to buy another set!”

Stay tuned for photos and highlights from Cheer Up the Blues next week—another successful tradition at PWC!

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