Noah Cochran 2016Since his arrival at Perry Wellness Center, staff member Noah Cochran has been a problem-solver at Perry Wellness Center. Shortly after his arrival, the center’s founder and CEO, Stuart Perry, asked Noah to attend Certified Peer Specialist training. Noah became one of 29 current staff members at Perry Wellness Center who are recognized as peer specialists.

“This training was good for me,” Noah says. “I quickly learned about issues that affect many of our peers at Perry Wellness Center. As the population grows, so does the need to be alert to potential problems.”

As a counselor and leader, Noah puts his problem solving skills to work on a daily basis. “Each solution to daily events and issues is different,” Noah continues, “But through our increasing number of one-on-one times with peers, realization of our challenges becomes more diverse each day.”

Noah concludes with a smile, “I work quickly to resolve any challenges.” That smile, which you see in the photo above, is one that often brightens the day of peers and staff. Thanks, Noah, for bringing your dedication and skills to Perry Wellness Center!

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