Vicki Lamica2Keeping the neighborhood clean and following a personal exercise program: what do these two activities have in common? For Perry Wellness Center peer Vicki Lamica, quite a lot!

Windy weather keeps yard debris a problem on the recovery center campus. Thoughtlessly discarded trash at the corner of Elm Avenue and College Street often finds its way to the fence that surrounds the property.

In daily living groups, peers have been instructed on the importance of placing refuse in proper containers. For Vicki Lamica, the message has really hit home.

“I like for our campus to be clean and free of trash,” Vicki explains, as she completes her daily round of clean-up. But her personal garbage collection project has an additional motivation.

“I use it as a way of exercising!” she adds.

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry is quick to offer his appreciation for the busy peer’s efforts. “I am sure that many of us are sometimes guilty of tossing trash on our highways and in other areas,” he notes. “Vicki has made us keenly aware of what one person can do. I am proud of her leadership in this campaign.”

Taking care of her health on a daily basis is also reason for Vicki to be proud of her efforts.

In the photo, Vick Lamica stoops to pick up trash outside the Elm Street fence at Perry Wellness Center.

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