James FosterAt Perry Wellness Center, we all have challenges to face. They may be emotional or behavioral. Other individuals also face physical challenges as well. Whatever the challenge, each peer brings his or her best to the classes, chores, and other activities that fill each day.

James Foster is one example of a dedicated peer member. Despite his need for walking assistance, he is actively involved in campus activities at the center. One of his daily tasks is the maintenance of glass doors and windows at the center. Soon after most individuals have arrived for daily groups and classes in the classroom building, the soiled front door is carefully polished by James.

In discussions with this gentlemen, he shared the importance of this seemingly minor task. “Like meeting someone new,” he explained, “It is important for our front entrance door to be clean and free from prints and smears. I try to keep it clean.”

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry offered his approval: “After my morning tour of the campus, I normally enter this front door when I come in the building each day.  It looks great and is clean and welcomes me and other visitors to our center.” Stuart concluded, with high praise, “James Foster is great and takes pride in his work.”

In the above photo, James Foster fills his assistive walker with all of his cleaning supplies near his primary cleaning assignment.

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