Plant ShelterWe’ve shared the story before of Stuart Perry’s youth with a plant-loving mother who both grew and sold plants in the Marion County area. To this day, Stuart can’t bear to see an unused space where a pant could grow or be displayed. This love of plants is on display (along with lots of plants!) at Perry Wellness Center.

From the market to the greenhouses to the green park, raised vegetable beds, and pergolas, our campus is prepared for a spring onslaught of growing things. For sale in the market will be green plants, ferns, flowering hanging baskets, and bedding plants. Other plants will serve as fresh items on the cafeteria menu, while planting beds become opportunities for peers to learn principles of horticulture while growing fresh food.

During weekly campus walk-through discussions, Stuart and Jeff Williams discuss ideas for the use of all available space. In addition to being an award-winning artist, Jeff has used his creative skills to design the majority of the campus outdoor structures and landscaping features.

Jeff knows well that plans must be both progressive and cost-effective. “I have learned that Stuart has eyes for both progress and for selling merchandise,” Jeff explains. “It is fun to discuss options with him before we begin construction, as well as the most economical plan to complete the project.”

One recently constructed greenhouse features a sheltered overhang that is scheduled to serve as a display and storage area for some of the many ferns destined for the 2016 market at Rudy’s Happy Patch. Other outdoor projects are certain to emerge the next time Stuart and Jeff put their heads together!

In the photo above, Jantwan Twiggs aligns a pipe as Marcus Mitchell secures a display at the greenhouse.

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