Leyland Cypress 2016As the beginnings of spring are reflected in balmier temperatures and brisk breezes, the thoughts of many turn to seasonal landscaping and clean-up. Rudy’s Happy Patch Market has begun to fill its greenhouses and market spaces with a variety of plants ready for planting.

Small trees have become a popular item at the market, and this spring features a large choice of Leyland Cypress trees. The market was able to find a dealer online who offers competitive prices for volume purchases. In addition to being attractive in their own right, Leylands make great wind blocks and privacy features in home landscaping. Customers are advised to consider the potential growth height for these fast-growing barrier trees.  In proper soil, they can grow to over 20 feet in height.

Says staffer Mulkey McMichael, a former plant nursery owner, “The Leyland Cypress is a great plant. The heat tolerance is good for cypress. To obtain rapid growth and optimum everygreen color, the tree should be planted in soil with a PH of 6.0 – 6.5.” He also recommend that plants be spaced 7 – 8 feet apart.

“I planted several Leylands back in the 1990s to shape and sell as Christmas trees,” Mulkey recalls. “I never took the time required to shape the trees, and they were soon 12 feet tall. These same trees are now about 24-30 feet tall. They are a perfect space tree and great for Christmas greenery cutting.”

This first order of Leyland Cypresses is offered at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market for only $8 each. A two-gallon planting is approximately 36 inches tall with good single stalks. We encourage our customers to check out the great selection.

In the photo above, peers (from left) Rhonda Hubbard, Malcolm Johnson, Judennia Billingshea, and Vickie Lamica help with the first shipment of Leyland Cypress trees at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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