Connie Rutherford 2016Before his death, local horticulturalist and nursery owner Manson Markette, routinely visited Perry Wellness Center. During his visits, he shared his knowledge and skills about plant propagation. A small class of peers studied horticulture under his guidance and enjoyed the hands-on learning experience with the patient expert.

One of the students in Mr. Markette’s class was Connie Rutherford, and she has become something of an expert on plant growing in her own right. She has made it a point to learn the names and features of a variety of plants. Whenever a customer at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market has plant phyla or related questions, both staff and peers have learned to seek the information from Connie.

During winter months, Connie also uses her skills to begin the cycle of new plant growth. She takes cuttings from existing plants and uses these to begin new plants that will later be displayed at the spring and summer market.

Welcome WagonPWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry says, “Connie is really an asset to our team at Happy Patch. She seeks information about plant names that she does not know. We try to offer different plant varieties each year, and Connie wants to know about the plant, its growth, and light and fertilizer needs.” He appreciates her initiative and commitment to ongoing learning, as do we all.

In the first photo above, Connie Rutherford fills larger pots with plants she had earlier propagated in a market greenhouse. In the second photo, an already-filling welcome wagon greets visits to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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