Spring weight liftingWhile weight lifting is available year-round at Perry Wellness Center, the decision to work indoors or outside is often determined by the weather. At this time of year, peers are moving to sunny, less protected outdoor work-out areas, such as the campus pavilion.

Tommy Green is one individual who enjoys regular weight training. He works in time for weight lifting when not working on various projects at the center. Tommy recalls the time before he began a serious exercise regimen.

“I remember when I had flab and was fat,” Tommy states bluntly. “I want to do my work here at Perry Wellness Center but have a goal of having abs in the spring!”

Malcolm Johnson is another weight training devotee. He is proud of the weight he has lost and the strength he has gained in his hands and upper body.

“I greet men and women with a firm handshake and hug as I can,” Malcolm notes. “Most shy away from me for my firm grip and strong embrace. I guess I need to realize my weight training has given me too much strength.” Malcolm can often be found providing customer service at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. If you stop by, make sure to congratulate Malcolm for his ongoing progress on his journey of personal wellness.

In the above photo, Tommy Green, seated, performs individual arm exercises with a 30-lb. free weight barbell, while Malcolm Johnson does lifts and curls with a weight bar and 115-lb. weights. They enjoy their workouts under the sheltering campus pavilion.

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