Thank you notesEven before its move to its East Furlow Street location, Perry Wellness Center received many donations for peers. With growth of the peer population has come an increase in donations as well. One special type of donation is gently used clothing.

Individual donations are common, but Pam Craig Sims of Tazewell, Georgia, has united her friends and church community to join in sending large bags of gently used, washed clothes to Perry Wellness Center. Peers are allowed to select donated items for themselves and for family members. These donations have been very welcome to many peers who have limited income.

To show the thanks of the peer community, Essie Fulkes, a peer specialist at the center, has implemented a “thank you” plan. Peers are required to write individual notes of thanks to donors if they choose to accept donations for their personal use.

“We need to make this a learning experience for our peers,” Miss Essie explains. “As the clothing donations increase, we cannot miss the opportunity to instruct our family about composing and personally writing a short note to kind donors.” Although she is very busy herself with ensuring timely transportation of peers to medical appointments, she has committed to make time to help peers with this new learning experience.

“It will be fun to know that maybe time with our peers will lead to a positive habit of appreciating the good in others,” she explains. Feeling and expressing gratitude are important parts of mind/body wellness, a fact that Essie and other know well.

Stuart Perry, PWC founder and CEO is certainly one who knows the value of giving thanks. He has also written Pam Craig Sims a personal letter of thanks for her generous donations. He also encourages other individuals in Tazewell and the entire area to consider the option of making donations to Perry Wellness Center.

As always, we offer our thanks and gratitude to our readers, customers, and other area citizens for their ongoing support of Perry Wellness Center.

In the above photo, Essie Fulkes monitors the writing of “thank you” notes by grateful peers. Around the table are: Essie Fulkes, Laurie Slaton, Katrina Howard, James Barron, James Mahones, Michelle Maness, Nicole Jackson, and James Foster.

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