T RexPerry Wellness Center took a trip back in time this morning – as in pre-historic time. In an effort to break of the sameness of a typical Wednesday “hump day,” a very special visitor decided to make its appearance on the East Furlow Street campus. Smiles broke out on the faces of peers, staff, and market customers as T-Rex came roaring into view.

Upon the arrival of the giant dinosaur, Stuart Perry drily remarked, “I like this change of personnel on a Wednesday.”

T-Rex a/k/a/ Amber Mimlitsch-Rechtorovic took time to roar throughout the market to a reception of cheers and grins. The only exception was one customer’s very startled young child – but fright soon turned to enjoyment, we’re happy to report.

After a tour of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market and the campus grounds, T-Rex switched gears, as Amber took a break and returned to her office chair for more mundane work. Her costume, originally purchased for another event, provided an unexpected moment of surprise and laughter in our morning. Thanks, Amber! Customer service definitely took on a new meaning at the market. It just goes to show that you never know what you might find on a morning visit to Happy Patch!

In the above photo, Perry Wellness center founder and CEO Stuart Perry takes time for a chat with the famed T-Rex.

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