Charles Tanner tomatoesWith the longest day of the year upon us, the hot temperatures and extended days have increased the need for garden care at Perry Wellness Center. Designated peers assist with watering all around the campus, while those with personal gardening plots are responsible for maintenance of their raised beds. The large amount of planted land and the growing retail plant selection result in the need for constant attention.

“It is amazing – the job of watering our inventory at the market,” CEO Stuart Perry marvels. “We have many peers on a planned schedule who maintain the moisture level of our plants.” Little let-up is in sight, as tomatoes are now a year-round vegetable at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

Stuart continues, “One thing that anyone who works to maintains gardens in the summer South knows is that, with extended daylight, fertilization, and watering, weeds love to fill every square inch of available soil.” Because of this fact, diligent work is also required with weeding, as well as watering – which unfortunately promotes the growth of weeds as well as produce. Luckily, most individuals are up to the task.

“We have some peers that take pride in the maintenance of their designated market areas,” Stuart says.

Employee Charles Tanner also likes to assist as he can. He notes, “I am trying to help our peers maintain the plant gardens. The tiller does help, but some seeds like to grow closer to the plant.”

In the photo above, Charles checks one plot of tomatoes on the campus of Perry Wellness Center.

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