GSW nurses 2016Almost every semester, senior nursing students at Georgia Southwestern State University spend on-site learning time at Perry Wellness Center. The association with peers, coupled with observing “real life” behavioral health services, makes for a valuable learning experience.

This semester, two unique students visited the center for days of interaction and sharing with peers and staff. They are Slitra Layman and Rand Pressley. Although they have very different backgrounds, they share a passion for nursing.

Slitra is a native of Bangkok, Thailand. No stranger to academic study, she already has a degree in accounting. However, as her children grew older, Slitra was ready for new activity and direction.

“With my two kids in school, I had to find something to keep me busy,” Slitra explains. “Nursing has always been in my mind, and the GSW nursing school is tops.”

The avid student plans to obtain her nursing degree, specialize in psychiatric nursing, and work as a Nurse Anesthetist in the future. As her husband is a Methodist Church minister in Pelham, Georgia, Slitra knows that the caregiving skills she has learned will also benefit her in the community.

As for Rand Pressley, he also has a previous academic degree. The 27-year-old student graduated with a degree in Environmental science and Biology from the University of Georgia. His road to nursing came about because of a personal crisis.

“My father suffered from a paralyzing stroke, and I was prompted to seek another degree in nursing after my care for him,” Rand notes. Now he seeks primary training as a surgical trauma nurse. He also plans to obtain additional training in anesthesia.

Both seniors express appreciation for the training they received at Perry Wellness Center. According to Rand, “The welcome we have received and the involvement with many of the peers has been good. It is great for them to learn skills in planting, the Happy Patch Market, and association with other clients.”

Both nursing students plan to stay in touch and follow the center on our website. We wish them only the best in their new roles as caring nurses.

In the photo above, Randy Pressley, left, and Slitra Layman, standing, assist Perry Wellness Center peers Edward Brown and Javin Baker with their art skills.

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