Morning groupsPerry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry is a firm believer in the power of information. Much of the schedule at the wellness and recovery center focuses on the teaching of employment, health, and life skills.

Stuart likes to drop in on various groups to offer information or just to listen. Recently, Stuart visited a morning presentation by lead counselor Noah Cochran. Dialogue was brisk as information was shared.

“I enjoy group sessions,” Stuart explained. “The discussion with Noah and peers is increasing, to an ongoing dialogue of questions and answers. Once, some of these peers were frightened to interact in groups, but the discussion is now beneficial for all in attendance.”

The primary focus of the morning’s discussion was increased awareness of others’ needs and appropriate ways to provide help. Practicing empathy is a significant activity for individuals in recovery.

“This is a good topic and requires little learning,” Stuart noted. “It should be an automatic event to help other peers and friends.”

Noah’s leadership of the group took place after a morning of exercise leadership, which included a rousing game of basketball. He only had time to change his shirt before moving to classroom training in mental illness and substance abuse recovery.

As Noah headed off to the showers, Stuart offered praise for the dedicated staffer.

“Noah does a good job, and his vocabulary and knowledge about the plights of peers make a real difference,” Stuart enthused. “Some have even suggested that Noah produce an audiotape for our local advocates.”

In the photo above, Essie Waters, left, and Akeriyah Russell flank Stuart Perry as they listen to Perry Wellness Center’s morning group discussion.

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