Kelvin Mullins 2016Several peers have been associated with Perry Wellness Center for many years. For some, the stability of the daily routine helps them maintain their recovery. For others, they may come and go over the years, returning if stresses in their lives require a “booster shot” of wellness programming.

One long-time peer associate is Kelvin Mullins, who has attended the program for approximately 8 years. Kelvin recalls, “I began with Stuart at Tom Perry Wellness Center on the Plains Highway and came to this location of Perry Wellness Center.”

Kelvin is known for his leadership in getting jobs completed around the campus, and he prides himself on carefully planning and executing tasks. Once he feels that a job is well underway, we will allow his assembled peers to complete the job.

“I like to organize fellow peers for a job and then let them complete the job and take pride in their work, “Kelvin explains. “I move on to another task.” Lately, he has also enjoyed more independent work.

Several years ago, Kelvin was placed in charge of setting out donated Bermuda gross sod. With great care, he made the pieces of sod fill the bare areas, then monitored and cared for the new grass with water and fertilizer.

Kelvin continues to ensure that the campus grounds look inviting. He pays special attention to the grassy areas in the most public parts of the grounds. For example, he regularly monitors and trims the grass in the center fountain area, Hope Park, making sure that the grass is evenly cut.

“I cut the larger area with a push mower,” Kelvin notes, “But I have learned to level the cutting with my gasoline-powered grass trimmer. Many compliment me on my patience and grass appearance. I try to be a handyman and help others.”

While clearly a dedicated worker, he acknowledges that the hot weather takes a toll, saying, “Like some of the other peers, I get tired and can take a break from my chores during the hot summer.”

In the photo above, Kelvin Mullins clears grass and other growth around a garbage container as part of his rigorous grounds maintenance. As he works, he must also attend to any activity on the nearby train tracks.

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