Capture the FlagSomething as simple as playing a game can be an opportunity for life skills lessons in cooperation, teamwork, and critical thinking. Recently, peers and staff of Perry Wellness Center participated in a planned group activity that was just such an opportunity – as well as a great deal of fun.

A game of “capture the flag” was organized, and participants were divided into two teams. The objective of the game was to capture the other team’s flag without being caught. If they were caught or “tagged” by a member of the opposing team, they had to sit out the game in a time-out of approximately one minute.

This activity was very inclusive, allowing all participating members to engage in physical activity and have a role in the game. Some of the participants who have physical disabilities are unable to engage in strenuous physical activity, so they were put in charge of the time-out area, where they monitored tagged participants and ensured that they did not leave the area before their time was up.

Staff member Anna Morgan was coordinator of the activity and noted, “Even though the weather was not as desirable as we would have liked due to the rain, everyone involved was able to enjoy this interactive activity. Players were all able to collaborate and devise team strategies to make their respective teams more efficient. Finally, after the activity was completed, participants were able to demonstrate good sportsmanship by congratulating opposing team members who had won the game.

Even though the practice of life skills was an important aspect of the activity, having fun on a rainy day was a secondary goal. It was clearly met, as many peers requested that we try this activity again!

In the photo above, peers and staff gather on the porch of the Perry Wellness Center classroom building to share their best strategies for “capturing the flag” from the opposing team.

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