Daisy and Robert BellDaisy and Robert Bell have the distinction of being the only married couple attending Perry Wellness Center. Since their arrival at the program six years ago, they have enjoyed the daily routine along with the many changes of a growing recovery center.

Married for over 41 years, the couple is originally from Butler, Georgia. Daisy and Robert have a daughter in Atlanta and a son in Tennessee. “We enjoy another dependent,” Robert says. “Our cat, ‘Smoky,’ is a mess and full of love for us. All pets want is food, a hand of love, and attention. Smoky is house-broken. He would love to walk outside and change his space.” Robert notes that one person advised him to place a leash on the cat, leave it on for a day to accustom Smoky to the device, then take him for a walk.

When not attending to their cat or other domestic matters, the couple enjoys the variety of activities and acquaintances at Perry Wellness Center.

“Stuart has added many people, and he has a challenge to keep everybody busy,” notes Daisy Bell. She enjoys staying busy throughout the day.

“The new greenhouses are great,” she continues. “They are a new work site for peers, and the market moves those hanging baskets and shrubs. That is a good thing.”

A recent activity for Daisy is needlework. “I have learned some new craft skills,” she explains. “Phyllis Smith [the center’s market manager] took time to teach me how to crochet. I think I get better each time I complete a work.”

Maintaining a positive environment is important to PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry and feedback from peers is always welcome. “I am happy to read about peer reaction,” he says, regarding the Bells’ comments. “I am sure some peers would be proud to tell me about things they did NOT like. It is great to hear from peers who do approve!”

In the photo above, Daisy and Robert Bell take a break from an oatmeal breakfast to share thoughts about Perry Wellness Center.

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