Clothes donationTazewell area resident Pam Craig Sims has long been a booster of Perry Wellness Center. For example, she frequently donates gently used clothing for peers’ use. When asked why, she explains her sense of connection with the extended Perry family.

“I remember Stuart Perry and the goodness of the Perry family,” she recalls. “The family began some few miles above Tazewell. Mr. Clarence and Miss Mary Eula were kind to the kids in Tazewell, and this kindness continues in the current Perry family. I want to help as I can.”

Pam and her husband, Larry, are proud members of the Tazewell Baptist Church, where they also commit volunteer efforts. A fire in 2014 completely destroyed the structure, but the Sims pitched in with other church members in the reconstruction. With the volunteer labor of Carpenters for Christ, the completion of the new church building took only 12 months. Now the dedicated couple is leading a drive to landscape the new church.

In recent days, the Sims have offered their home to a friend and colleague, who was on Larry’s tractor when he suffered a rear-end collision on a rural road.  Pam Sims explains, “We are proud to provide him a place to recover.” In the interim, she is visiting with her mother. When reminded that she has given up her home, her husband, and her kitchen, she smiles and says, “It is good to be back at Mama’s house and good memories of my growing up here.”

Reflecting on her church and community activities, Pam observes, “I am proud of Tazewell and the citizens who live here.” With a smile, she concludes, “I think it may be time for us to realize that we should pass the leadership and volunteer jobs to the younger people.”

In the meantime, we appreciate her volunteer efforts at Perry Wellness Center. Says Stuart Perry, “I really do appreciate Pam’s kindness. I have great memories of Tazewell. We enjoy continued involvement with these good people.”

In the photo above, peers at Perry Wellness Center size and select clothing from a recent donation by Pam and Larry Sims.

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