Crazy Hat DayAs we told our readers on Monday, Perry Wellness Center is celebrating Spirit Week, October 24 – 31. Monday was Red Ribbon Day, when peers and staff dressed in red and honored the cause of substance abuse prevention and early intervention.

Yesterday was Crazy Hat Day. It is always one of our more fun and creative days. Individuals who fail to wear an unusual hat to the center must make a hat to wear for the day.

Today is Wacky Tacky Day, when anything goes as far as dress. Spirit Week planner Amanda Perry says, “This really is a colorful and fun day. With the cooler weather, I am sure we will enjoy some great concoctions!”

Upcoming is Twin Day, where peers team up with a friend to coordinate a shared theme. Also on the schedule is Decade Day/Favorite Holiday, which is also the designated party day at Perry Wellness Center.

This Friday, peers and staff will close out the week with Costume Day, wearing their favorite Halloween costumes. Amanda notes, “Happy Patch Market is already decorated for the season. We want each peer and staff member to join this celebration.” She adds, conspiratorially, “I cannot wait to see what Daddy wears!”

Neither can we, Amanda; neither can we!

What a colorful, seasonal, and spirited week we are having at Perry Wellness Center. The celebrations remind us of all we have to feel joyful about. Something as simple as a funny hat can brighten a mood or bring a smile.

In the photo above, Pam, Stuart, and Amanda Perry show off their family’s “crazy” haberdashery.

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