Frozen plantsDuring the recent bout of freezing temperatures, many plants were damaged or lost throughout Southwest Georgia. Perry Wellness Center was not immune to the ravages of winter weather. Although the welcoming plants on the front porch were under cover, many colorful displays were damaged.

When temperatures warmed, Vicki Lamica took on the task of tending to damaged or dead plants. Vicki is already known on campus for her ability to tend to Knock Out roses, bringing them to perfection with her capable hands.

“Vicki is always busy,” notes Stuart Perry. “Whether she is pruning and manicuring our roses or helping at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market to remove over-ripe vegetables and fruit, Vicki seems to enjoy helping us to project an ‘alive’ presentation of our fruits and plants. I appreciate her efforts.”

In her most recent efforts, Vicki was joined by Sonia Mullins, as they cut away damaged leaves and disposed of dead plants.

Shown left to right in the photo above, Vicki Lamica and Sonia Mullins tend to the plants at the front entrance of Perry Wellness Center.

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