Grover Thornton at marketJust as robins on the lawn herald the arrival of spring, so does Grover Thornton pedaling his bicycle to Perry Wellness Center. Often the first to arrive each day, Grover makes the trip on his trusty bike when temperatures begin to warm up.

Once he arrives, Grover immediately gets to work on his assigned tasks. He is in charge of several maintenance tasks for Rudy’s Happy Patch Market’s customer environment. Grover takes pride in completing each task promptly and correctly.

“I like to get up early and come to Perry Wellness Center,” Grover says. “There is always a lot to do, and I want to start my day while there are few peers or staff on the campus. I like to get my job done.”

On of his daily tasks is checking the moisture levels of plants on display in the new customer area of the market, as shown in the above photo.

Thanks for all you do, Grover Thornton!

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