Kiera FrazierThis month, Perry Wellness Center welcomes a new professional to its staff. Kira Frazier, CPS, is a motivated individual who sought her own registration and training as a Certified Peer Specialist. The Americus resident has undergone her own struggles with mental illness and wants to now share a message of hope with others.

“When I was diagnosed with a mental illness,” Kira explains, “I had many who came to my aid with great understanding. I want to help and give back some of this understanding and help to others who need me.”

Eager to broaden the recovery mission of Perry Wellness Center, Kira wants to take its message into the community. “In time, I would like for us to form a speaker’s bureau,” she notes. “I know we already have the RESPECT Institute and a time for peers to share their stories of awareness and recovery. I would like to make this more local and convince citizens that Perry Wellness Center is a safe and productive place.”

“As I learn more about the current trends of mental illness awareness in Georgia,” she continues,” I want to show those who do not suffer from our disease of mental illness, that those who DO suffer from the disease can be productive in today’s society.”

We happily welcome this dedicated and far-sighted associate to our center.

In the photo above, Karl Bond, CPS, left, reviews the Perry Wellness Center documentation protocol with Kira Frazier, CPS.

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